The "NEW" Sproul refractor.

  These pages have images taken at the Sproul observatory at Swarthmore College with a recently installed Apogee AP6 CCD camera.  The telescope is a 24" f18 refractor.

 Pages marked with  have new images since the previous update.

Pictures of the telescope with the new camera and filter wheel.
First night images, M65, M81, M82, M109.


  Binary stars.

  Enhanced images: M109, M82, The Moon, NGC3190, NGC3690/IC694.

  M82, NGC 6543, M3, M5, M67 in R, V, B filters.


  The Moon




  Some specifications for the new setup:
   R, V, and B filters
   CCD size: 24.6 x 24.6 mm
   Pixel size: 24 um
   With a focal length of 10.9728 meters:
   Field size: 7.7 x 7.7 arcminutes
   Sampling: 0.45 arcseconds/pixel

The Sproul Observatory

 Paper about the new camera presented at the Central Pennsylvania Consortium astronomer's meeting August 17, 1998.

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  Last update: September 23, 1998