These images have been enhanced using several different programs.



1024x124 JPEG here. 

 A small area of the moon. Taken about 6:25 PM EST April 2, 1998,  30 millisecond exposure. I believe the crater near the center is Theophilus (100 km diameter).  Resolution is about 0.8 km per pixel on the 1024 x 1024 size image.

1024x1024 here.

Two of the 4 galaxies in Leo, NGC 3190 (lower left) and NGC 3187 (upper right). 10 minute exposure.

IC694 + NGC 3690 Taken about 9:25 PM EDT April 6, 1998 (1:25 UT 4/7/98), unfiltered, 8 minute exposure.
Supernova 1998T should be in the bright area above the arrow, I think its brightness is now below what can be seen from Sproul.
It looks like there was some tracking error during the exposure.
Other name for this pair is Arp 299.

1024x1024 JPEG