A New AP-6 CCD Camera for the Sproul 24-Inch Refractor
H.J. Augensen, Widener University
W.D. Heintz, Swarthmore College
M.R. Schultz, Widener University



Central Pennsylvania Consortium Astronomer's Meeting
Franklin & Marshall College
Saturday, 25 April 1998






I. Introduction Past Research at Sproul Observatory

Brief History

24-inch Refractor Seeing Limitations Limiting Magnitudes Research Projects Legacy of Past Projects  



II. The Apogee AP-6 Camera
Kodak KAF 1000 Chip System Conversion & Misc Info Cooling Camera Head  AP-6 Camera Mounted on 24-Inch  Filter Wheel PMIS software Computer  




III. The New Layout & Observing Room (Alcove)





IV. Future Research Projects at Sproul

Short Period Variables

Long Period & Unusual Variables  
 Images Taken
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