Widener University - Science Division
Microbiology Laboratory
Biology 220 - Spring 2002
Course Syllabus
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Instructor Frances E. Weaver, Ph.D.
Office K 438
Phone 499-4519
Email weaver@pop1.science.widener.edu
Office Hours  MWF 2:00-2:50, T 10-10:50

Text:   Benson, Harold J.  Microbiological Applications, complete version, 8th Ed. WCB/McGraw-Hill, Boston MA 2002

Materials:  You must obtain a lab coat to be worn during each lab session.  You will  also be assigned a microscope, lab drawer and seat number.  Students are  responsible for the condition of their assigned microscopes and lab drawers.

Rules:  Follow the safeguards listed in the introduction on page VI (Introduction) of the lab manual.  A handout describing how to aseptically handle bacterial cultures will also be distributed. These procedures must be observed during each session and are necessary to prevent the contamination of students as well as cultures. Attendance is mandatory for each lab session.  Anyone who misses a lab for a non-verifiable reason will receive a grade of zero for any missed work.  Legitimately missed labs may be made up at the instructor's perogative.

Grades:  Laboratory grades will be determined by the following:

    Lab Performance       15%
    Unknown #1              25%
    Unknown #2              30%
    Final Exam                 30%

The lab performance grade will be determined by attendance, lab reports, lab technique, and quizzes.  The final will be a comprehensive multiple choice exam. The plus/minus grading system will be used.  Final grades will be assigned based on your final average.  The following scale will be used:

     A  90-100
     B  80-89
     C  70-79
     D  60-69
     F   <60

The Science Division strictly enforces the University’s policy on academic fraud, as stated in the Student Handbook, Academic Policies, Procedures and Regulations; Section F.

Laboratory Schedule

Lab   Date  Begin Exercise  Finish Exercise
 Jan.17 1 Brightfield Microscopy
2,3 Darkfield & Phase-Contrast Microscopy (Demo) 
6,9  Survey of Microorganisms
Jan. 24  8 Aseptic Technique
10 Fungi  (Handout) 
12 Smear Preparation 
13 Simple Stain
Jan. 31 11 Negative Stain 
 5 Microscopic Measurements
15 Gram Stain
Feb. 7  19 Motility Determination 
Review Gram Stain
5 Feb. 14 20 Culture Media Prep. (Handout) 
16 Endospore Stain 
Feb. 21 21 Pure Culture Techniques 
          Review for Unknown
Feb 28   UNKNOWN #1     21
March 14 35 Temperature: Lethal Effects 
39 Ultraviolet Light 
41 Alcohol Evaluation
43 Antimicrobic Sensitivity Test 
69 Bacterial Counts of  Foods 
 9  March 21   see next column   35,39,41,43,67

45 Stock Cultures 
46 Morphological Study
47 Cultural Characteristics
28 Bacterial Virus Cultivation (Handout)

 April 4 48 Biooxidations 
49 Hydrolysis Reactions 
50 Miscellaneous Tests
53 Enterotube
   45-47, 28
 12  April 11 51 Bergey's Manual 
78 Staphylococci
79 Streptococci
   48-50, 53
13  April 18 81 Urinary Tract Pathogens     78,79
 14  April 25  UNKNOWN #2 DUE 
83 Slide Agglutination Test