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BCH 301
Biochemistry Seminar III

Fall 2005
Dr. Frances E. Weaver
Office: Kirkbride 423A
Phone: 610-499-4519

Email: weaver@pop1.science.widener.edu
Office hoursM 11:00-11:50,  W 1:00-1:50,
Th 4:00-4:50, Fri 1:00-2:50 drop in or by appointment

Course goals: The goals of this course are to foster the development of a strong foundation in biochemical content, that is help you to be conversant in the language of the discipline and to provide you with training in evaluation, interpretation and communication of biochemical information. Oral presentations will be used to assess your ability to evaluate and interpret such  information, these presentations will also allow you to demonstrate the ability to use oral (and written) communication effectively in biochemistry.  I will also assess your improvements in these areas by the use of individual conferences and brief written assignments.

Required texts
:   There are no required texts for this course.  We will be reading and discussing articles from the peer reviewed biochemical literature.  A copy of Biochemistry 3rd edition by Voet and Voet is strongly recommended .

Class meeting time and place: Mon  1:00-2:50 p.m. Kirkbride 403 or as otherwise arranged


Attendance is required.

There are NO MAKE UPS. 

Receipt of this syllabus represents your acceptance of the following: You agree NEVER to let any one else do the work for you and NEVER to plagiarize.  You also agree to acknowledge all your sources and to give appropriate credit to any person that assists you with a journal article.  Violate these policies and you fail the course,  period.

Email and Course Web Page :  Each student is to be familiar with the course web page and  Campus Cruiser. site. I will use your Campus Cruiser email address for general course announcements, please forward your email to the account you use most often.  Announcements, shared files and other information may appear on the Campus Cruiser site.  Web page material will not be distributed on paper unless I deem it necessary.  You may also use email for all types of questions pertaining to the course.

Course Requirements :

Two oral presentations (Power Point presentations)of articles from the peer reviewed biochemical literature 200
Conferences on with the instructor on each article 100
Writing assignment 1
Abstract of a biochemical article for use by a fellow scientist.
Peer critique of writing assignment(s) 1

Writing Assignment 2:  Review of an aspect of the biochemical literature for general publication
First draft
Final draft 

Grand total 500
Grading: Your grade is based on the percentage of the 500 total possible points that you earn. 
Please be advised that I use this scheme to assign grades and all adjustments such as +/-  are made at my discretion!!

     A  90-100
     B  80-89%
     C  70-79%
     D  60-69%
     F   <60 %

Science Division Seminars: BCH 301 students are expected to attend Science Division Seminars relevant to biochemistry.  A copy of the Science Division Seminar schedule will be available on-line.

It is our expectation that we will treat one another with courtesy, that we will have fun, and that you will all succeed.
I  reserve the right to modify the syllabus, please be prepared to be flexible.

Class Activities
Organizational meeting
9/19 Writing assignment 1 given in class
Article selection day---using the biochemical literature
Conferences during class time
Conferences during class time
Writing assignment 1 DUE
Presentation 1 ( 2 presenters)
Presentation 1 (2 presenters)
Writing assignment 1 returned, peer assignment (s) given
Fall Break
Paper selection for article 2
Conferences on article 2
Peer assignment due
Conferences on article 2
Writing assignment 2 given
Presentation 2 ( 2 presenters)
Presentation 2 (2  presenters)
First draft of writing assignment 2 due
First drafts returned
12/12 Writing assignment 2 DUE