Widener University
College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Biochemistry

BCH 101 Biochemistry Seminar I
Fall 2003
 Dr. Frances E. Weaver, Kirkbride 438, 499-4519
Office hours:  MWF 11:00-11:50, T 9:30-10:30 and as posted on office door; drop in and by appointment
Email: weaver@pop1.science.widener.edu

Office Hours:  You are invited to drop in at any time. I also have standing office hours, the times for which are shown above. You are encouraged to bring any and all questions directly to me in person or by phone or email.  If your schedule does not match mine, I will make time for you!

Class meeting time and place: Th 2:15-4:15 Bruce Hall, Room 12 or as otherwise arranged

Required texts: There are no required texts for this course.  Readings will be distributed several times during the semester.

Attendance is required. If you must miss a seminar class please notify the instructor in advance, even then it may NOT be possible to make up the work!

Assessment Rubrics for  problem conferences, reports and evaluations will be distributed.

First Problem

Conference 1                                            5%
Conference 2                                           10%
Problem report (oral)                                20%

Second Problem
Conference 1                                           10%
Conference 2                                           10%
Conference 3                                           10%
Problem report (oral)                                20%

Peer evaluations                                         5%
Participation in "extracurricular" events        5%
Instructor's evaluation.                               5%

Total                                                     100%

This semester's topic: Blood and Guts Biochem

Class Activities
Other Activities  (days/times)
What is due

Molecules in Motion
PBL introduction (class time)

Introduce Problem I: Blood
Room 406 available for your use.

9/25/03 Meet  in KH406 to work on Problem I. Start conference 1 in second hour.

Problem I Conference 1
(group conference) 1st hour
Scientific Literature Searching
2nd hour

Answers to questions for conference 1
Problem I Conference 2
(as individuals, all remaining conferences as individuals)

Answers to questions for conference 2
Problem I Presentations

Oral presentation I and power point slides (on zip disk or CD)
Class conference on PBL: what can we do better in problem 2? Mole Day Tie Dye
Peer evaluation 1 due to instructor
Introduce Problem 2: Guts

Meet in KH406 to work on Problem II
Science Division Seminar Nov. 3.  4 p.m. KH108
Dr. Weaver

Prob. II conference 1
KH406 reserved for your use
Mass Spectrometry Seminar
Nov 10,  6:30 p.m. (pizza)
seminar at 7:00 p.m.
Webb room
Answers to questions for conference 1
Prob. II, conference 2
in KH438

Answers to questions for conference 2
No Meeting, Thanksgiving Break

Prob. II, conference 3
in KH438

Answers to questions for conference 3
Problem II, Presentations
in Bruce 12

Oral presentation II and your power point slides (on zip disk or CD)

Peer evaluation 2 due to instructor

I reserve the right to modify the syllabus.