College of Arts and Sciences
Biology 219   Microbiology
Spring 2002


Instructor: Dr. Frances E. Weaver
Office: KH 438  Phone: 610-499-4519
Office Hours: MWF 2:00-2:50, T 10:00-10:50, drop in and by appointment

Textbook: Tortora, Funke and Case, Microbiology, an Introduction, 7th edition, Benjamin/Cummings Publishing Co., Menlo Park CA 2002

Course Requirements:
Four  Exams @ 100  pts each          400 pts
Quizzes                                           50  pts

Grading: Your grade is based on the percentage of the 450 possible points that you earn. Thus 441/450 = 98 etc. The +/- system will be used in this course.

The following scale will be used to determine your final letter grade.
     A  90-100
     B  80-89%
     C  70-79%
     D  60-69%
     F   <60

Attendance: Attendance is required at all lectures. Consistent attendance is the key to a good grade.  If you must miss a class, obtain a copy of the notes from another student, if you have trouble obtaining lecture notes, please see me.

Exams: Missed exams result in a grade of ZERO!
Exams take place on Wednesdays at noon in KH 210 as listed on the attached schedule. Class is also held on that day. Make up exams are given only under conditions of documented excuses which the student has processed with the Assistant Provost. NO OTHER MAKE-UPS WILL BE GIVEN !  I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO SCHEDULE MAKE UP EXAMS at my convenience, and will do so only after I have received documentation from the Assistant Provost. Make-up exams will differ in content and format from scheduled exams.

No late or early exams will be given. See make-up policy above. Students late to exams will have the time remaining in the period to finish, period, that's it, no excuses!

Quizzes:  Missed quizzes result in a grade of ZERO.
Quizzes take place the class periods  indicated on the attached schedule. Quizzes are designed to help you identify strengths and weakness in your knowledge prior to an exam, and to familiarize you with my testing style. You must prepare for and take quizzes as seriously as you would an examination.  Each of the six quizzes is worth 10 points towards the 50 point total.

Review Period: On such weeks as we do not have an exam, we will use the Wednesday noon hour to review concepts and work practice problems.  Attendance at the review hour is not mandatory but is likely to improve your chances of success.

Academic Honesty: The University Policy, which is strictly enforced by the Science Division, is that anyone who cheats, attempts to cheat or assists another student to cheat on an exam or quiz fails the course.  If you would like further clarification, read Section F: Standards for Academic Integrity, of the Academic Policies, Procedures and Regulations in the student handbook.

Course Schedule

Please note: topics rarely fit neatly into 50 minute blocks, material will "spill into" the next day as needed.

 Date   Topic     Chapters
Monday 1/14 Areas of Microbiology, Review Basic Chemistry* 1, 2*
1/16 Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes 4 pp.77-78; 10
1/18 Classification of Microorganisms 10
Monday 1/21 Microscopy, Staining   3
1/23 (quiz) Staining 3
1/25 Bacterial Anatomy 4
Monday 1/28 Bacterial Anatomy 4
1/30 Bacterial Anatomy 4
2/1 Over view of Bacterial Groups 11
Monday 2/4 (quiz) Antimicrobial Drugs  20
2/6 Virus Structure 13
2/8 Virus Structure 13
Monday 2/11 Enzymes 5
2/13 Microbial Metabolism  5
2/13 Exam I at noon in KH 210  material from 1/14-2/8 
2/15 Microbial Metabolism  5
Monday 2/8 Microbial Metabolism  5
2/20 Microbial Metabolism (fermentations) 5
2/22 Microbial Metabolism  5
Monday 2/25 (quiz) Bacterial Growth 6
2/27 Bacterial Control 7
3/1 Bacterial Control 7
Monday 3/4-3/8 MID TERM BREAK         NO CLASSES
Monday 3/11 Basic  Bacterial Genetics 8
3/13 (quiz) An Introduction to Recombinant DNA 9
3/15 Infection and Disease 14
Monday 3/18 Mechanisms of Pathogenicity 15
3/20 Mechanisms of Pathogenicity 15
3/20 Exam II at noon in KH 210 material from 2/8-3/15
3/22 Natural Resistance 16
Monday 3/25 Immunity 17
3/27 (quiz) Immunity 17
3/29 Monday 4/1 NO CLASSES Spring Holiday
 4/3 Practical Immunity and Diagnostic testing 18
4/5 HIV-AIDS   19 pp 535-545
Monday 4/8 (quiz) Streptococci 21, 23, 24
4/10 Staphylococci 21, 23, 24
4/12 Staphylococci, Lyme disease 21, 23, 24
Monday 4/15 Pathogenic Enterobacteriaceace 25
4/17 Pathogenic Enterobacteriaceace 25
4/17 Exam III at noon in KH 210 material from 3/15-4/12
Monday 4/22 Microbial diseases of the central nervous system 22
4/24 Pathogenic Clostridia, STDs other than HIV 23, 26
4/26  STDs other than HIV 26
Monday 4/29 Selected Topics 
5/1 Selected Topics
5/3-5/8 Exam IV During Final Exam Week  material from 4/12-5/1

*Students are responsible for reviewing this material on their own, consult me if you need additional assistance

Useful information: I am on campus every day. Voice mail and e-mail operate 24 hrs a day. The cork
board on my office door has yet to fall off, but if you are unable to reach me by these means; you may leave a message
with the Science Office, KH407, ext. 4003.

Alternative testing: I can provide alternative testing to students with documented special needs. Just ask.

Alternative note taking: You may tape record lectures and review hours for your personal use.

Special assistance: The following people and organizations are here to help YOU!


The first thing to do is talk to me. I can arrange special assistance, discuss study or note taking skills, introduce you to the reading and academic skills center, answer any and all questions about the course material or requirements, solve problems arising from labs, be your liaison with other faculty, help you find other students with which to form a study group etc.

For additional help including regular, no cost, tutoring I will refer you to the Reading and Academic Skills Center 499-1273. You may also contact them on your own. They deal with all aspects of academic success.

Your academic advisor assists you in coordinating your program of study and provide a valuable reference in all areas of
academic life. I am always available for consultation with academic advisors.

It is my expectation that we will treat one another with respect and with courtesy, that we will have fun, and that you will all succeed.

I  reserve the right to modify any aspect of the syllabus or lecture schedule that becomes necessary.

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