Kasia Hallenbeck, PhD

Director, Math Center
Professor, Mathematics

Degrees: PhD, University of Delaware

Office: ACN 277

Telephone: 610-499-1244
Email: kxh0002@widener.edu

Cantor set
Almost everywhere, almost all
Linear operations
Logical connectives


Advanced Calculus    (Math 341, 342)
Complex Analysis      (Math 376)
Discrete Mathematics     (Math 322)
Calculus, Multivariable Calculus     (Math 142, 241)

“She loved to teach us.”
“Clone Hallenbeck and put her in every classroom.”
“[The course] helped me understand mathematics used in other courses.”
“The course made me think.”
“The course was intellectually invigorating.”
“I have gained a new found respect for the abilities of mathematicians. Also, I learned a lot.”