Kate Goodrich, Ph.D.

Katherine R. Goodrich, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Biology

Department of Biology, Kirkbride Hall 423 C
Widener University
1 University Place
Chester, PA  19013  USA

Phone:   (610) 499-1086    Fax:   (610) 499-4496
email:  kgoodrich@mail.widener.edu

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Courses Taught:

Research Interests:

• Biology 101 Principles of Biological Systems I

• Biology 165 Biological Concepts I Laboratory

• Biology 162 Biological Concepts II

• Biology 308 General Botany

• Biology 311 Plant Physiology

• Biology 312 Plant-Animal Interactions

• Angiosperm reproductive biology and speciation

• Floral and reproductive biology of neotropical Annonaceae

• Herbivore - host plant associations

• Plant chemical communication

My schedule for Fall Semester 2012 is available here

Interested in potential research projects in the Goodrich lab?

If you are interested in learning more about potential research projects in my lab, please contact me via e-mail (kgoodrich@mail.widener.edu) or stop by my office during office hours. My office hours may change each semester, but my schedule will always be posted outside my office door (Kirkbride Hall 423 C).

Philosophy on Student Research and Teaching:

I feel strongly that hands-on learning is crucial in fostering a student’s curiosity, creativity and personal ownership of his or her educational experience. I believe students should experience science as an active process. To this end, I work to incorporate active and hypothesis-driven learning activities in my teaching whenever possible. At the same time, I strive to incorporate effective teaching into student research carried out in my lab. I also believe that students should possess the ability to articulate scientific theories and concepts, and develop well-reasoned scientific arguments. Writing-intensive courses at Widener provide biology majors with course-related writing experience. I aim to extend this training in scientific writing to laboratory research by encouraging students to prepare research proposals, to seek outside grant support and to participate in the authorship of publishable results. My ultimate goal is to help train inquisitive and scientifically-literate individuals, and to inspire young scientists by engaging undergraduates

Asimina obovata
For details of my work with Asimina, see "Research Interests"

Guatteria sp.jpg

Guatteria sp.
For details of my collaborative studies of Neotropical Annonaceae, see "Research Interests"


Epimecis hortaria
photo courtesy of J. Krumm
For details of my collaborative studies of herbivore - host plant associations, see "Research Interests"

Lindera benzoin
For details on my work with plant chemical communication, see "Research Interests"