The Widener University Observatory

39° 51' 44" N        75° 21' 30" W

The observatory is located on the 5th floor of the new addition to Kirkbride hall.  Room number is 503.
Room 502 is the control room for the observatory, room 501 is a multimedia classroom.

Instruction manuals and presentations

Pictures of the dome being lifted onto the building

Pictures of the building, dome, and observing decks

Pictures of the support structure for the scope

Pictures of the telescope, weather station, dome control

First image captured

Image galleries


Equipment list for the observatory

Public observing

Current Weather at the Observatory

Weather Underground KPACHEST4

For cloud cover, transparency, and seeing: Blue is good, White is bad.
Webcam on top of Kirkbride Hall, image should update every 2 seconds. To see full size image right click and choose "view image".
Webcam on Kirkbride 

Last update: 01/30/2019